Ghana’s Minister for Youth and Sports, Hon.Isaac Asiamah, has told young Africans to lead development initiatives on the continent.

He said their exposure to technology and digital advancements put them in a better place to undertake activities that promote the development of the Africa.

The Minister, who was speaking at the opening of the 8th  African Union Youth Volunteer Corps being hosted in Accra, said, “African youth have a lot to offer, the continent is yours so make good use of it.”

He added that, “there are many of us who are leaving the continent to Europe, but they forget you can make it here, Africa is rich, we have everything here, you just have to be innovative to reach your goal, stay focus and you will succeed.”

The Chief Executive Officer of the National Youth Authority, Mr.Emmanuel Asigri also charged African leaders to formulate programmes and policies that will develop the capacity of their youth.

He noted that the current crop of leaders on the continent could be said to have failed the youth, adding that they owe it a duty to make the lives of young people better.

“Africa is back to the drawing board because our leaders have failed us, corruption, poverty and disease,’ he noted.’


About AU Youth Volunteer Corps

AU-YVC is a continental development program that recruits and works with youth volunteers, to work in all 54 countries across the African Union.

AU-YVC promotes volunteering to deepen the status of young people in Africa as key participants in the delivery of Africa’s human development targets and goals.

It brings people together to share skills, knowledge, creativity and learning to build a more integrated Continent, and by implication strengthen Africa’s relevance in the globalized world.

The concept is in line with the African Youth Charter as well as the Decision of AU Heads of States and Governments in Assembly to set up a continental Volunteer initiative.

AU-YVC was officially launched on the 3rd of December 2010 in Abuja, Nigeria.

The National Youth Authority has expressed shock at the brazen sale of young Africans into slavery in Libya.

"It is a revulsing return to 15th century slavery at a time when our common humanity and dignity is a universal human right", the NYA said in a statement.

The NYA says the revelations must be used as the tipping point in the fight against human trafficking and exploitation of Africans.

The world is waking up the shocking practice in which hundreds of people are being auctioned in modern day slave markets in Libya for as little as $400.

Libya is the main transit hub for refugees and migrants attempting to reach southern Europe by sea. They are coming from countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Eritrea, Guinea, Ivory Coast,, Gambia, Senegal, Sudan and Somalia.

The power vacuum in Libya after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi has made human trafficking and people smuggling a booming trade.

France has requested an "urgent" meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss this treatment of migrants in Libya.

The Foreign ministry has said three Ghanaians have reported that they were sold in Libya as slaves.

Joining in the national conversation, the NYA said the trade while condemnable is a signal to African governments to the huge responsibility it has to create jobs and give hope to millions on the continent.

It urged ECOWAS and the African Union to intervene in the migration crisis and quicken its dialogue the European Union to combat human trafficking

The National Youth Authority said whiles it recognised that unemployment is the main motive for migration, the levels of desperation in recent times calls for short-term solutions.

The Authority said it would be embarking on an aggressive campaign to discourage desperate young people from traveling on what has been described as the most desperate journey on earth.

The NYA believes religious leaders can play a very powerful role in dissuading the youth from joining other African nationals to Libya.

"The pulpit and the mosque are places where an extraordinary power of motivation  can be leveraged to provide hope to the desperate", a statement said.

The NYA urged Ghanaian youth to channel their "Go-to-Europe-against-all-odds" desire into opportunities in agriculture.

The Authority said the returns on farming is good enough to capture the attention of young people.

"There is the Planting for Food and Jobs programme ready to embrace any determined young Ghanaian who wants to farm", the statement indicated.

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