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Youth Integrate

  1.  Youth Integrate: It is a set of programs carefully designed to incorporate the youth into the socio economic, governance and environmental fiber of the country. The youth shall be mobilized to conduct patriotic and voluntary activities to enhance their knowledge of the country and to work to develop the country. Specific sub-components of youth integrate are:


  • The Local Exchange and Community Service Programme: which gives the opportunity for youth from different Districts in Ghana to connect and integrate properly with each other.


  • Youth Parliament: A platform to inculcate into the youth, values of democratic practice; instill and reinforce positive attitudes that will model them to be agents of positive change with a vision to rebuild a new Ghana full of grace, prosperity and integrity. The platform shall serve as the voice of the youth through which they can contribute effectively and positively to national legislation and decision making processes and hold duty bearers accountable on their role in ensuring the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.