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Review 2010 youth policy

More than half of the country's population are under 25 years old.

But a youth policy to address development needs of a chunk of this demographic is out-dated and over-run by technology and dramatic social changes.

The need for a review informed a dialogue last Thursday organised by the Youth Empowerment Synergy (YES)-Ghana at the British Council Hall in Accra.

It was there that the Deputy National Youth Authority CEO Bright Acheampong revealed, it is a 2018 priority to re-look-, re-examine and re-write the National Youth Policy designed in 2010.

He told youth leaders and students, the policy was designed to be reviewed after every five years. Hence an updated policy and implementation plan ought to have been in place at worst in 2016.

But the year marked an electioneering campaign that appears to have distracted the Authority. With a new government in place, the plan remains firm on the table of policy initiatives.